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Brown, PC, was founded in 1992 as a boutique law firm with a nationwide tax controversy and tax litigation practice. The firm now handles a wide range of complex legal challenges for clients in Texas and throughout the United States, including tax law, business law for emerging businesses, criminal law and asset forfeiture.

Depth Of Knowledge And Experience

The law firm comes to each case with an unprecedented depth of knowledge and experience drawn from a variety of unique backgrounds.

In addition to more than 25 years of legal experience, the law firm's founder, attorney Lawrence Brown, is also a successful entrepreneur. Mr. Brown helped found and ultimately sold his stake in two successful businesses. The firm's clientele, many of whom are businesses and business owners, appreciate this hands-on knowledge of the business world.

Furthermore, the law firm's team includes former state and federal prosecutors, as well as U.S. Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture attorneys. This prior experience provides the firm with an insider's understanding of the strategies and tactics used by prosecutors in criminal defense cases and agents seeking asset forfeiture. It allows our team to anticipate and stay one step ahead of the tactical moves made by the government.

Many Heads Are Better Than One

Brown, PC, believes that a team approach creates the highest likelihood of favorably resolving legal challenges. The law firm literally builds a team around every case and every client.

As needed, the law firm works with other professionals in Texas, throughout the U.S., and around the world, including former IRS agents, veteran CPAs, forensic accountants, financial investigators, professional auditors and experts in particular industries. Clients can be assured that their cases will be met head-on with all available expertise and every available strategy.

State-Of-The-Art Technology Enhances Efficiency And Cost-Effectiveness

Brown, PC, maintains cutting-edge office technology, including asset tracking software, document management systems and audit software. By using the latest technology, our lawyers are able to gain competitive advantage in performing time-sensitive tasks related to highly contested cases. Technology also creates greater efficiency and cost savings for clients.

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