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IRS collaborates with Dutch government over tax info

Government agencies around the globe are working together to find individuals that are hiding assets in an attempt to illegally reduce their tax obligations. A Justice Department statement recently provided an example of these collaborative efforts. It outlined how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is pushing a popular credit card company to provide the identity of account holders to the Dutch government.

Payroll tax noncompliance: Is more criminal enforcement coming?

Falling behind or running into other trouble with keeping track of employment taxes and paying them over to the government is a problem for many employers. A new report from the watchdog agency for the IRS contains detailed information about the scope of the problem. In this post, we will use a Q & A format to update you on that report.

Criminal charges for return preparer fraud

A tax return preparer is any individual who accepts payment for preparing "all or a substantial portion of a tax return or claim for refund under ... the Internal Revenue Code." Making a little more income over tax season by preparing returns for family and friends could put you into the category.

Giving when it hurts: fake charities and tax fraud

"It is better to give than to receive," the old saying goes. Philosophers such as Peter Singer are exploring the deeper aspects of this statement, probing the sense in which giving is a key act of moral agency.There are, however, also plenty of fraudsters and scammers who take advantage of people's desire to give by inducing gifts to bogus charities. It's such a common problem that last month the IRS included fake charities on its annual "Dirty Dozen" list of tax scams.

IRS Criminal Investigation report shows aggressive prosecution

We regularly represent taxpayers, businesses and tax preparers in Texas and beyond facing potential tax-related criminal investigation or charges by the IRS Criminal Investigation division. This week, the IRS announced in a news release that it had released its fiscal year 2016 annual report of Criminal Investigation activities.

3 FAQs about the Abusive Return Preparer initiative

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is cracking down on fraudulent tax preparer services. The federal agency initiated 252 investigations in 2016 alone, searching out any individual or business that it believes was conducting fraudulent practices while preparing taxes. 72.8 percent of these investigations resulted in incarceration.

Texas banks help IRS fight money laundering and tax evasion

A conviction for criminal tax evasion carries serious penalties, including a stint in federal prison, hefty fines and the costs of government prosecution. Then there is the negative impact on business or individual reputation and the limitations that a criminal record can impose on future opportunity.

Any taxpayer can face tax problems with the IRS, even a tax judge

This past week, news hit the airwaves about a former U.S. Tax Court judge who pleaded guilty to violation of federal tax law. This dramatic story speaks to every taxpayer with the message that anyone of any stature or with any level of education can potentially face criminal tax charges.

Collateral consequences flow from tax fraud charges

Tax law is complex. Only a handful of people fully understand it and taxes are often controversial. While they pay for various services, who pays and how much are tricky policy questions. Tax laws, like any laws are violated for various reasons. Sometimes, the violations are motivated by greed, but it isn't always that simple.

Embezzlement charges can go hand-in-hand with tax crime allegations

Legendary crime boss and Mafioso Al Capone learned the hard way that the tax man always cometh. Even "Scarface" himself wasn't immune to the eventualities of life: death and taxes. Despite being a known gangster and bootlegger, openly running illegal gambling operations and brothels, extorting countless and being responsible for the deaths of dozens of people (either by his own hand or on his orders), his only sizable prison term (a 10-year sentence, of which he served only seven before being released) was for tax crimes.

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