State and Local Tax Practice

In the current economic environment, all you need to do is read the headlines to see that states and municipalities are struggling financially. In this environment, states and municipalities are becoming more aggressive with regard to their positions in assessing state and local taxes.

More than ever before, it is critical for businesses to have seasoned and experienced tax controversy and tax litigation attorneys on their side in these matters. At Brown, PC, we bring years of experience to the table in representing clients in tax controversies at the state and local levels.

Attorneys at Brown, PC handle all levels of controversies with the tax authorities in Texas and other states. We also advise businesses and individual taxpayers on compliance issues with complex, multistate tax matters.

For more information on how Brown, PC can assist you with a Texas state tax matter, please visit the following page:

Seek Assistance with an Experienced State Tax Lawyer

Brown, PC represents clients in Texas, California and throughout the United States in state tax matters as well as all matters of tax controversy and litigation. To discuss your state tax compliance issue with an experienced and knowledgeable Brown, PC professional, contact the firm online or by calling toll free at 888-870-0025.

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