State And Local Tax Practice

In the current economic environment, all you need to do is read the headlines to see that states and municipalities are struggling financially, and in this environment are becoming more aggressive with regard to their positions in assessing state and local taxes.

More than ever before, it is critical for businesses to have seasoned and experienced tax controversy and tax litigation attorneys on their side in these matters. At Brown, PC, we bring years of experience to the table in representing clients in tax controversies at the state and local levels.

From Sales Tax Nexus Issues To State Tax Audits

Attorneys at Brown, PC, handle all levels of controversies with the tax authorities in Texas and other states. We also advise businesses and individual taxpayers on compliance issues with complex, multistate tax matters.

Have you received an audit letter from the Texas Comptroller? How does the state agency select a business for an audit? Reported receipts are a major factor; higher receipts increase tax exposure risks.

Leads — both legitimate and illegitimate — underlie many other audits. These may come from former employees with concerns about business practices, competitors who worry incorrect reporting is providing an advantage or an agency auditor uncovering a mistake. On the other hand, a former disgruntled employee looking for revenge or spouse seeking an upper hand in a divorce may make an illegitimate report to cause issues.

Regardless of why a Texas audit commenced, it is important to quickly seek assistance. As with any case handled by an administrative agency, an important lesson is to win early and often. And some avenues to a solution, such as an independent audit review conference, can easily be foreclosed by a simple mistake or omission.

Types Of Cases We Handle

Headquartered in Dallas-Fort Worth, we represent businesses and individuals at all levels of controversies with regard to state tax matters, including the ones listed below:

In these complex matters, our attorneys, certified public accountants and professionals typically work together to provide clients with the most effective counsel and representation possible. This team approach helps us to efficiently resolve a broad spectrum of matters in Texas, including disputes with state taxing authorities. Our work ranges from representation in audits to appeals using state procedure to full-blown litigation in state courts.

Seek Assistance From A Texas State And Local Tax Attorney

At Brown, PC, our team represents clients in Texas, California and throughout the United States in state tax matters as well as all matters of tax controversy and litigation. To discuss your state tax compliance issue with an experienced and knowledgeable tax lawyer, contact the firm online or by calling toll free 888-870-0025.

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