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August 2011 Archives

IRS says time running out for foreign assets disclosure

A recent warning from the IRS is prompting taxpayers to voluntarily admit if they've been hiding income in a foreign bank. According to a news report in the Laredo Sun in Texas, new reporting requirements concerning foreign accounts will become a part of tax law over the course of the next few years. As such, time may be running out for people who fail to disclose all income to the IRS.

Texas tax-assessor faces criminal tax matters in a ironic twist

In an ironic turn of events, Texas Rangers engaged in an investigation of a McLennan County Tax Assessor-Collector. The county employee was accused of fraudulently avoiding sales tax payments. The investigation occurred due to the prompting of a McLennan County District Attorney, following allegations brought up in an audit. The tax assessor is now facing criminal tax matter proceedings, which could result in severe professional and legal consequences.

IRS agents involved in drug arrests

IRS agents working in Fort Worth and throughout our country become involved in many different types of investigations. The underpinning, however, is usually a suspected violation of the Internal Revenue Code. It's what got Al Capone in trouble in the 1930's. They couldn't nail the mobster for bootlegging and other nefarious acts, but IRS agents finally got him for income tax evasion. People resorting to criminal behavior normally do not spend a lot of time worrying about their tax deductions.

Guilty plea for tax evasion entered by Texas doctor

Facing federal tax evasion charges is intimidating, here in Texas or anyplace throughout our country. Whether or not the intent was to shortchange the government, the mere allegation of wrongdoing can be life altering. An individual is left defending a claim brought against him or her with the full thrust of the United States government. A reputation hangs in the balance. One thing is sure; a vigorous defense to a charge of tax evasion is required.

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