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September 2011 Archives

Texas businessman sentenced for tax fraud

Claims of tax fraud have serious consequences for Texas citizens and the mere allegation that an individual tried to deceive the state or federal government can change the path of a person's life. The criminal tax matters will often be publicized and the person accused will have to deal with the "court" of public opinion.

Tax fraud lands Texas woman in prison

A Texas woman recently landed herself in double trouble with the law. First she was found guilty of embezzling funds from her employer, McLean Orthopedics of Nacogdoches, where she worked as an office manager. She was employed there for about 10 years. Then she entered a guilty plea to one count of filing a falsified tax return for fiscal year 2005. Tax fraud is a felony and typically carries a prison sentence. The 48-year-old woman was sentenced to two and a half years in prison, according to federal prosecutors.

$2.4 million in tax evasion gets Texas man 30 months

Successful entrepreneurs are gifted at growing a business, but they are not always knowledgeable in how to handle money correctly. That lack of expertise can lead to mistakes and problems with tax authorities. When tax avoidance is discovered, whether it was done by mistake or intentionally, years of hard work spent to build a thriving company can be threatened.

Texas woman charged with tax evasion sentenced to prison

Whether by mistake or on purpose, failure to report income tax can lead to severe legal consequences. Recently, an accounting supervisor in Texas received a sentence of 18 months in federal prison for embezzlement and tax evasion.

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