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    Criminal tax matters cite 32 people

    | Sep 27, 2011 | Tax Crimes

    In a case that is pending here in Texas, an alleged tax fraud (filing false returns) scheme has been uncovered and the civil injunction is against 32 different people. Allegedly, the tax fraud (filing false returns) scheme involved spurious tax credits for methane gas production from landfills. Two of the men involved in the alleged scheme have already been barred from promotion of the plan, but now two tax preparers have been cited in the injunction as well.

    In the government’s complaint against these individuals, the scheme involved “bogus” federal income tax credits that were available to those who produced fuels from unconventional sources. A landfill is apparently considered one such source. The tax fraud was then allegedly promoted through tax preparers, who acted as promoters of the plan and participated through tax fraud (filing false returns).

    Of the 32 people named, each had their part in allegedly claiming over $30 million in tax credits from the production and sale of methane or other fuels from landfill gas facilities. Allegedly, these landfill gas facilities did not actually exist or did not belong to individuals in question. One of the named people in the injunction was a Texas man who allegedly aided in the preparation of false income tax returns for his customers.

    This case is still pending a hearing and is two of the tax preparers are required to supply a list of all customers for whom they prepared fuel credit claims on their tax returns. Although this is still a pending case, these accused people and anyone who may be facing a similar situation may find benefit in seeking out a tax law attorney. The tax code is very complex, as are the laws governing taxes in the US. And since some of the people in the current injunction are tax preparers, it may warrant mentioning that they too can make mistakes. Regardless of profession, everyone is entitled to legal defense in their corner — and remain innocent until proven guilty.

    Source: The Your Houston News, “Two men barred from promoting alleged tax scam involving fictitious methane at landfills,” Your Houston News Staff, Sep 15, 2011

    The highest level of personalized service from experienced tax attorneys


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