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May 2014 Archives

U.S. Among Six Other Countries to Fight Corporate Tax Avoidance

Australian officials have designed a six-nation alliance to combat multinational companies' strategies to avoid tax. China, Japan and Britain have already joined this Australian group and the United States is planning to join soon. Due to concern over potential outcry from many companies regarding the legality of the alliance, the identity of the sixth country is unknown.

Pfizer to Save While Shareholders Might Pay More Tax

Although Pfizer Inc. will be saving hundreds of millions of dollars in annual taxes by buying AstraZeneca, Pfizer's stockholders could end up paying more tax. The trigger is unfamiliar U.S. tax regulations that are initiated in a purchase of an overseas entity and relocation of a U.S. business.

French President to Reduce Tax Burden

French President Francois Hollande announced Tuesday that he will move forward with his plans to cut public spending and grant tax breaks to businesses, while accepting the harsh reality of the French people's unhappiness with his failure to deliver on pledges to turn the economy around.

Credit Suisse Approaches Plea Agreement

After several months of investigation, U.S. prosecutors are closer to obtaining a guilty plea, as well as an agreement with Credit Suisse Group AG to pay over $1 billion to settle claims that the bank aided wealthy Americans in evading taxes.

More Penalties to Come to British Citizens Who Evade Taxes

The British government unveiled its new plan to crackdown on people who have been evading taxes by imposing larger penalties and criminally prosecuting more frequently. Under current regulations prosecutors must prove that an accused is using an offshore account with the intention of evading taxes. Officials are encouraging the passing of a new standard that would allow prosecutors to pursue someone just because they have the money in an offshore account and they haven't confirmed the payment of taxes on it.

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