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November 2015 Archives

Foreign Account Holder Successfully Asserts Fifth Amendment on Schedule B

The Fifth Amendment protects an individual from being forced to incriminate himself or herself, often referred to as "pleading the fifth." In the past, some have unsuccessfully attempted to assert the Fifth Amendment as a reason to avoid filing tax returns, or to file tax returns that don't report any income. These arguments, usually asserted by tax protesters, are generally considered frivolous by the IRS and federal courts.

Alaskan Plastic Surgeon Convicted of Offshore Tax Evasion

The Department of Justice announced the conviction of an Alaskan doctor who used secret accounts in Costa Rica to hide assets from his wife, as well as to evade U.S. taxes. At his sentencing next March, he faces a maximum of 20 years imprisonment. He could also be forced to forfeit $4.6 million in seized funds.

It's about trust: the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

The word "trust" has a lot packed into it. Broadly, of course, it refers to belief or confidence in the reliability or faithfulness of a person or an organization. But in legal terms, a trust is a legal mechanism by which certain property rights are held by one party to benefit another.

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