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April 2016 Archives

Offshore holdings: Legitimate uses and reporting requirements

The global media has about exhausted the number of angles they can report on the so-called "Panama Papers." The leak has become synonymous with using offshore accounts and companies to avoid tax obligations.

How does the IRS find undisclosed foreign accounts?

One way is prosecuting banks that have allegedly helped taxpayers avoid their U.S. tax liabilities. For instance, the Swiss Bank Program required banks to pay hefty fines and disclose information on accounts held by U.S. persons as part of non-prosecution agreements.

Tax day FATCA update

April 15 has become synonymous with tax day in the United States. This year is a little different, because the Internal Revenue Service is celebrating Emancipation Day. Public employees in Washington D.C. get the day off or the closest day when the April 16th holiday falls on a weekend.

Expat tax anxiety: 3 things (among many) that make life difficult

Millions of U.S. taxpayers are scrambling this weekend to get their taxes filed. The filing deadline is April 18 in Texas and most of the rest of the country. (Taxpayers in two New England states get an extra day because of a holiday called Patriot Day.)If you live abroad, or serve in the military overseas, you get a little extra time to file - until June 15. You don't even have to ask for an extension. But you still have to pay any taxes you owe by April 18.In this post, we will take note of three things about taxes that make life difficult for Americans living or working abroad.

Personal versus business expenses: Lessons from Hamper v. Commissioner

The general rule is that personal expenses aren’t deductible on your taxes. But what if you use something partly for business and partly for your own purposes?In this post, we will explore that question, taking note of a recent Tax Court decision that sheds light on it.

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