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April 2020 Archives

Government charges two tax return professionals with 36 crimes

Tax return preparers may enter the profession for many reasons. Some enjoy the math and the puzzle that can come with filling out tax forms, others enjoy working with people to help them get the most of their tax returns. Although there are many legal ways to reduce one’s tax obligation, tax return preparers need to tread carefully to avoid crossing the line. A failure to abide by the rules and file truthful returns can result in allegations of criminal wrongdoing.

Can debt collectors get your stimulus check?

President Donald Trump recently signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act into law. This law allows for a federal stimulus check to go to qualifying taxpayers in an effort by lawmakers to help taxpayers find their financial footing while navigating this pandemic. The exact amount varies, depending on the particulars of each taxpayer, but generally allows for a $1,200 payment.

Are tax havens illegal?

A tax haven is essentially an offshore financial institution with low or no taxes known for confidentiality. Individuals can use these financial institutions to set up businesses. Examples of areas that can meet this definition include the state of Delaware, the Cayman Islands, Dubai and the Netherlands.

Does conduct matter when charged with a tax crime?

Tax crimes may seem like a game of numbers. It may seem the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will build their case based on whether or not the accused filed their tax returns, whether or not the listed income or deductions were in line with the reality of the accused’s financial situation.

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