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    State and Local Taxes

    Common tactics the IRS looks for in tax evasion cases

    It is rare to come across someone in Texas or elsewhere who feels perfectly at ease with paying taxes. While it may seem like a necessary evil, few people are excited to complete their tax returns, file them with the IRS and pay any outstanding balance that they have....

    Tax preparer pleads not guilty to fraud charges

    Being a tax preparer is not an easy job. The amount of knowledge that goes into filing returns correctly means constantly staying on top of any law changes that could affect how someone files his or her taxes. Additionally, preparers face expectations from clients who...

    Tips to help truckers avoid tax issues

    Truck drivers help keep various industries in Texas and elsewhere up and running. Without these drivers making pickups and deliveries of supplies and products, many companies would end up at a standstill. Though their jobs are essential, truckers must still pay...

    Tax preparer indicted in alleged fraud case

    Helping individuals and businesses with their tax returns is a complex job. Clients may expect more from a Texas tax preparer than he or she can do in terms of helping taxpayers get a favorable outcome, and clients could pressure tax professionals to bend the rules....

    Tax evasion charge results in guilty plea

    Most Texas residents have strong opinions when it comes to paying taxes. They may feel that they pay too much, that others should pay more or that they should qualify for more credits and deductions. These opinions may be even stronger for business owners who often...

    3 tax preparers facing criminal charges

    Tax preparation involves a lot of paperwork, mathematics and information. As a result, many taxpayers in Texas and across the country choose to go to professional tax preparers to have their tax returns completed and filed with the IRS. Understandably, taxpayers are...

    The highest level of personalized service from experienced tax attorneys


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    AV Peer Review Rated