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Fort Worth Tax Law Blog

Cybersecurity checklist for tax professionals

Protecting client data is essential for all businesses, especially tax preparers who possess sensitive financial and personal information for their customers. Failing to protect that information can be costly and harm a business’s reputation. Securing client...

Navigating cryptocurrency tax issues

A few years ago when cryptocurrency was in its infancy, tax reporting requirements were murky at best, and many who profited off of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies did so without ever receiving a tax bill. The landscape has changed dramatically in 2021....

IRS offers expanded digital online account options

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced a groundbreaking expansion over electronic access for taxpayers and tax preparers. The latest feature gives taxpayers the ability to designate who can represent them in disputes and view their tax records. The new...

Cybercriminals increasingly target tax preparers

Tax professionals must take the necessary steps to safeguard sensitive customer information. But during the pandemic, cybercriminals have intensified their attempts to get that private data. The IRS says identity thieves target tax preparers through phishing scams and...

What are constructive dividends?

Constructive dividends are how the IRS classifies a common practice of a company officer, using company assets for personal gains for tax purposes. A typical scenario - in small businesses - may be the use of a company credit card to purchase groceries. In larger...

Opportunity Zones: Understanding this nuanced tax incentive

Congress created Opportunity Zones through the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as a way to encourage taxpayers to invest in economically distressed areas. As a significant tax incentive, Opportunity Zones give investors the ability to defer – or in some cases,...

The highest level of personalized service from experienced tax attorneys



AV Peer Review Rated