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Officer And Executive Compensation

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Defending Your Business when the IRS Scrutinizes Officer and Executive Compensation

Is your business being questioned regarding officer and executive compensation? Or are you an officer or executive whose income is under investigation by the IRS? The IRS scrutinizes officer and executive compensation closely, particularly forms of compensation such as the following:

  • Stock
  • Deferred compensation
  • Valuation of stock options for tax purposes
  • Fringe Benefits

Taxpayers in high-end fields such as the technology, and energy are often frustrated by disputes or potential conflicts involving the IRS’s valuation of this portion of their compensation. Managers might have the opportunity for partial ownership of the business, but must refrain from accepting this type of compensation for reasons associated with taxation.

For assistance unraveling and resolving tax conflicts such as stock option valuations as part of officer and executive compensation, contact Brown, PC. Tax law attorney Lawrence Brown, a former Department of Justice Tax Division Trial Attorney, devotes his law practice to the representation of individuals and businesses facing tax controversies and litigation. As part of our practice, we handle IRS audits that probe into potentially improperly taxed officer and executive compensation.

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