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Attorney Lawrence Brown Advises Businesses and Individuals on Tax Penalty Relief

Certain businesses and individuals are expected to accurately report income on a quarterly basis. When taxes are underreported and underpaid, penalties may be assessed at the time of the next tax return deadline. If failure to report income is chronic or involves large amounts of money, criminal charges may also result.

Taxpayers may find relief from penalties, through effective communication with the IRS. Perhaps you late filed a return or underreported your business income because your credentialed advisor was ill or injured.

You may not believe that there is a valid explanation for your failure to timely file a return or fully report income to the IRS, but an experienced tax lawyer, upon review of the facts, may discover the explanation that will pave the way to relief.

The IRS may abate reasonable penalties when there is good cause such as death, fire or other special circumstances. To maximize the likelihood that your request for tax penalty relief will be approved, contact an experienced attorney. Tax lawyer Lawrence Brown focuses his law practice on tax controversies and litigation. Many clients of Brown, PC have had very substantial penalties abated.

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