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Employment Development Department


The Employment Development Department (EDD) is part of California’s Labor and Workforce Development Agency, and offers a variety of state employment services. The EDD is also the state’s largest collection agency, collecting more than $31 billion annually in payroll taxes and maintaining the records of more than 17 million workers.

Payroll tax is a substantial source of state revenue, and due to California’s economic troubles, the EDD is using aggressive tactics and measures to collect unpaid payroll taxes.

Employers are required to report employee wages to the EDD as well as deposits of State Disability Insurance (SDI), Personal Income Tax (PIT) and contributions of Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Employment Training Tax (ETT). The failure to withhold payroll taxes is considered tax fraud by the EDD, so employers who do not meet required deposit dates face fees, penalties and possible criminal prosecution.

Brown, PC, has extensive knowledge of California employment tax laws, the internal workings of the EDD and handling payroll tax issues, including:

Dealing with the EDD is intimidating and can be extremely complicated. If you are behind on payroll taxes, received an audit notice or have any other EDD tax dilemma, we are here to help. We represent clients in Los Angeles and throughout California. Please contact the firm online or by calling 817-870-0025 to schedule a consultation with one of our state tax attorneys.

The highest level of personalized service from experienced tax attorneys

AV Peer Review Rated