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Aid or Assist False or Fraudulent Document

Are You Under Investigation for Allegations of Aiding or Assisting False or Fraudulent Documents for Tax Returns?

A tax preparer, tax attorney, bookkeeper, or representative of a mortgage lender may be charged with a crime because of their role in connection with a tax return that the IRS has targeted for closer scrutiny.

If you, as a third party, are at risk of being dragged into a tax controversy or criminal tax investigation because a document that you prepared or advised on is under scrutiny — and allegedly false, according to the IRS, your reputation as a stellar tax professional may be on the line. You cannot afford to have allegations of tax preparer fraud leveled against you.

You may suspect that you are being used as the “fall guy” for a client who is in legal trouble and pointing the finger at you. The IRS may have a long list of offenses that the client is under investigation for or has been accused of such as the following:

And you are now included in the allegations because of your supposed role “aiding or assisting false or fraudulent documents.” Contact an attorney while there is still time to rescue your reputation and set the matter straight.

Brown, PC is a valuable source of information and counsel for clients including professional tax preparers who have been implicated in an investigation into any type of conspiracy or assistance on false tax returns. Our Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, law firm represents individuals who are responsible for filing income tax returns in the United States.

For additional in-depth information on Aid or Assist False or Fraudulent Documents, please visit our Criminal Tax Corner – Aiding or Assisting in the Preparation of a False Return or Document in Violation of Section 7206(2)

Tax Preparer Fraud Charges? Contact a Tax Litigation Lawyer

If you are being investigated, or have already been charged with aiding or abetting the production of false or fraudulent tax returns, we encourage you to contact Lawrence Brown. Centrally located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Brown, PC represents clients throughout North America and the world. Call 888-870-0025 to discuss strategies of defense if you have been charged with tax preparer fraud.

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