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Finding Solutions to Serious Tax Delinquencies

Once a tax debt reaches a certain point, the taxpayer may not have the means to become current on the obligation through a large payment. In these situations, an experienced tax lawyer may be able to negotiate with the IRS to work out an installment agreement.

Through an installment agreement, the IRS permits taxpayers to satisfy tax, interest and penalty obligations over time by making agreed upon monthly payments. Once an installment agreement is established, the IRS is required by law to stop enforced collection activities such as levying wages and bank accounts and placing liens on property. As long as the taxpayer remains current with the payment obligations, and required return filings, the IRS cannot re-institute enforced collection activities.

Brown, PC: Negotiating Forcefully and Strategically With the IRS

Negotiating an installment agreement that is workable for the taxpayer is often very challenging. It requires substantial knowledge of tax laws and IRS guidelines and regulations. The minimum monthly tax payments that the IRS will accept often depends upon the application of IRS local and national standards for allowable expenses, and it is these standards that the IRS Revenue Officer will typically use in evaluating an installment offer and proposed payment amount.

The Texas IRS installment agreements attorneys at Brown, PC understand how to approach negotiations with the IRS. Many members of our legal team worked for the IRS earlier in their careers, which helps us define and present payment plans that are likely to be palatable to the IRS. Clients, ranging from individual taxpayers to large corporations, rely on us to manage IRS collection issues intelligently and favorably.

Contact a Fort Worth Installment Agreement Attorney

If the IRS is demanding full payment or periodic payments that you cannot afford, the tax law professionals at Brown, PC are ready to help. For a free and confidential consultation, please call 888-870-0025 or contact our law firm online. Our Texas-based law firm represents clients across the United States.

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