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French President to Reduce Tax Burden

French President Francois Hollande announced Tuesday that he will move forward with his plans to cut public spending and grant tax breaks to businesses, while accepting the harsh reality of the French people's unhappiness with his failure to deliver on pledges to turn the economy around.

McDonald's Denies Tax Evasion Allegations

McDonald's came under fire on Tuesday after allegations from the French magazine L'Express claimed the food chain was under investigation by tax authorities for failing to pay taxes on 2.2 billion euros ($3 billion) of income from its 314 French locations.

Facebook and YouTube will not J'aime the "Culture Tax" that France is Contemplating

France has always been very fond of its culture. So fond, in fact, that it is contemplating taxing Facebook and YouTube for propelling services that affect the cultural fabric of L'hexagone. Under the country's "cultural exception," French cinema and music industries are protected against outside-especially American-companies that could harm the propagation of la culture fran├žaise.

France on Board With Global Tax Evasion Battle

The United States continued construction on what appears to be a wide net designed to catch tax evaders on Thursday by cooperating with France in the fierce global tax battle. The agreement was signed in Paris by Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici and the United States ambassador, Charles H. Rivkin.

French Lawmakers Increase Efforts In Tax Evasion Battle

French lawmakers have stepped up their fight against tax evasion on Thursday by faulting several financial players, including banks that enable a flight of tax revenue estimated at $110 billion a year. Among the 34 proposals adopted in the Senate were sanctions against those who advertise services that protect money in offshore accounts.

Mexico to Impose Tax on Sugary Beverages

If sugary drinks are your bread and butter then you may not be too happy with the Mexican government's proposal to penalize sugary beverages with a special tax in an attempt to contain obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Mexico would be following the example of France and Hungary by taxing sweet drinks in the name of public health.

Swiss Bank UBS Continues to Have Tax Problems: UBS France Now Under Fire

Four years ago, US tax probes into UBS found the bank aiding wealthy American clients evade paying federal taxes by placing their funds into secret Swiss bank accounts. The settlement, one of the largest in history, consisted of UBS paying over $780 million to the United States and, most controversially, handing over the names and account information of about 4,500 US taxpayers.

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