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Equifax breach might mean tax headaches for years to come

Credit giant Equifax, one of the three main credit reporting agencies, recently revealed a massive data breach that occurred earlier in the year. Hackers got through the company's electronic security protocols and into databases full of confidential information. Conservative estimates put the number of affected Americans at a staggering 143 million.

Alice, Texas, tax preparer pleads guilty to tax fraud

Here at Brown, PC, we regularly represent tax preparers facing IRS civil audits or criminal investigations for their tax return preparation work. The IRS actively reviews returns filed by preparers in an effort to uncover noncompliance with preparer due-diligence requirements or behavior that may amount to criminal violation of federal tax laws.

Subtle but important differences between avoidance and evasion

Accusations of tax evasion are very serious. Not only do they come with the social stigma associated with the word "evasion," wherein others may think you were attempting to game the system to get out of paying your fair share, but they also could result in serious criminal penalties like:

Study finds location matters when it comes to IRS audits

It appears the old "location, location, location" adage for real estate holds true in the world of taxes as well. A recent study by professors out of two prestigious universities in the great state of Texas, the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University, have found that the location of a business can impact the likelihood of a tax audit.

Any taxpayer can face tax problems with the IRS, even a tax judge

This past week, news hit the airwaves about a former U.S. Tax Court judge who pleaded guilty to violation of federal tax law. This dramatic story speaks to every taxpayer with the message that anyone of any stature or with any level of education can potentially face criminal tax charges.

3 defenses to criminal charges involving tax evasion

Avoiding paying taxes that the IRS requires is one of the most common tax crimes in the United States. It's called tax evasion, and it's a type of tax fraud that the IRS prosecutes seriously. Of course, there are ways people legally do not pay taxes on certain money, like pre-tax money that goes into a retirement savings account like a 401(k), or money that is not taxed for qualifying expenses like medical expenses and childcare expenses.

Collateral consequences flow from tax fraud charges

Tax law is complex. Only a handful of people fully understand it and taxes are often controversial. While they pay for various services, who pays and how much are tricky policy questions. Tax laws, like any laws are violated for various reasons. Sometimes, the violations are motivated by greed, but it isn't always that simple.

US Authorities Indict FIFA Officials, Seek Extradition

The Department of Justice has unsealed a 47 count indictment against 14 individuals related to allegations of FIFA corruption, including charges of tax fraud, money laundering, wire fraud, and racketeering. As part of the alleged conspiracy spanning 25 years, the co-conspirators used false consulting agreements to disguise the illicit payment of bribes, as well as the use of shell entities and numbered bank accounts in various tax havens around the world.

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