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Paying Proper Texas Commercial Property Taxes

Texas local property tax is just that — a local tax assessed locally, collected locally and used locally. There are more than 3,700 local governments in Texas. School districts, cities, counties and various special districts collect and spend these taxes.

When business owners are inexperienced or do not have proper counsel, problems can arise with state and local tax matters. For example, property taxes are paid to the local tax collector — not the state. Failure to pay commercial property taxes properly can have a negative impact on your business.

Businesses are also frequently requested to pay an incorrect amount. With experienced legal counsel, it is possible to protect tax amounts and pursue tax reductions.

At Brown, PC, we assist clients throughout Texas with the resolution of state and local tax controversies. Using years of experience and extensive legal knowledge, we have what it takes to help our clients achieve the best possible results effectively and efficiently.

We represent clients in these matters by filing protests with Appraisal Districts and scheduling and handling hearings before the Appraisal Review Boards. Where a tax protest is denied, we will pursue a tax reduction by taking legal action against the Appraisal District.

What You Should Know About Commercial Property Tax

After commercial property taxes are paid to the local tax collector, the collector distributes funds to schools, cities and other local governments. Local governments spend the money on schools, roads, hospitals, fire departments and other programs.

Several types of local governments tax property. Counties and local school districts tax all non-exempt property within their jurisdictions.

The County Appraisal District appraises the value of property each year. It is the appraised value of the property that largely determines the amount of tax that will be due.

Schedule an Initial Consultation With a Texas Tax Attorney

You can contact a tax lawyer at Brown, PC, to discuss the state and local commercial property tax matters you face. Call 888-870-0025 or e-mail us to schedule a confidential consultation. While we are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, our clients are from all over the U.S., North America and the world.