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Trusts, Estates And Asset Protection

Established Comprehensive Trust, Estate And Asset Protection Strategies For A Software Company Founder Following Liquidity Event:

A software company founder sold half of his company to a private equity firm for an eight-figure sum. We outlined for the founder a variety of strategies to protect assets from creditors and minimize income, capital gains, gift and estate taxes. We established, implemented and continue to monitor a trust and estate plan that protects assets from creditors and minimizes the impact of income and transfer taxes. The plan also ensures that the client’s assets are transmitted to his heirs and beneficiaries effectively and efficiently at the appropriate time.

Advised Founders And Key Managers Of An Energy Company On Trust, Estate And Asset Protection Matters Following An IPO:

Following an initial public offering, the founders and key managers of an energy company found themselves in a qualitatively different position with regard to estate planning matters. We provided a number of strategies to protect assets from creditors, minimize taxes and ensure effective and efficient intergenerational transfer of wealth.

Advised High Net Worth Physician/Medical Practice Owner On Trust, Estate And Asset Protection Matters:

We advised a high net worth physician/medical practice owner and his wife regarding a variety of strategies for protecting assets and minimizing taxes. We established, implemented and monitor an estate plan that ensures that assets are protected and that effective and efficient intergenerational wealth transfer takes place.

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