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Summons Enforcement Proceedings

Representing Taxpayers in Summons Enforcement Proceedings

As part of an IRS civil audit or criminal investigation, the IRS may issue a summons “for the purpose of ascertaining the correctness of any return, making a return where none has been made, determining the liability of any person for, or with respect to, any Internal Revenue tax, or collecting any such liability.” (Internal Revenue Manual)

Individuals and businesses involved in criminal and civil tax cases turn to Brown, PC for counsel and representation in administrative matters such as IRS summons enforcement proceedings. Contact the law firm to schedule a consultation regarding any Federal tax matter.

A Law Firm to Trust in Tax Disputes

Brown, PC is a sound choice for a business owner or any high net-worth individual facing summons enforcement proceedings or any tax collection or litigation-related concern. Attorney Brown is a former Department of Justice Tax Division Trial Attorney who has spent the last 18 years in private practice representing taxpayers.

Summons Served on Third Parties

Summonses may have been issued on a third party such as a bank or brokerage house where a client’s accounts are held. The taxpayer has the right to contest a summons in such a scenario. Or a client of the law firm may have been issued a summons directly. In either case, Mr. Brown’s high level of experience resolving tax controversies and representing clients in tax litigation is clearly a valuable asset for an individual or organization dealing with a summons.

Respond With Confidence

Responding to a summons from the IRS is not a task for amateurs, first-timers or attorneys not highly experienced in this niche area of the law. Brown, PC has the knowledge and experience necessary to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Rest assured that tax Attorney Lawrence Brown will work hard to educate you, keep you informed and represent you with an eye on a successful result in your summons enforcement proceedings. With main offices located in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex, Brown, PC serves clients nationwide and worldwide.

We regularly represent clients in complex federal tax matters in courts throughout the United States. If you would like a confidential consultation with Mr. Brown regarding the possibility of seeking resolution to your case in Tax Court, Bankruptcy Court, District Court or Federal Claims Court please call Mr. Brown directly at 817-870-0025 or CLICK HERE to request a consultation.