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The government assertively pursues taxpayers who fail to pay their full taxes on time. Aggressiveness increases with the amount of the delinquent taxes. Therefore, large companies and high-income individuals, such as those represented by Brown, PC, are especially vulnerable to enforcement actions. If you need the help of an experienced Texas tax defense lawyer, contact our office today. 

Brown, PC has a 25-year history of representing high-profile, high-stakes enforcement actions against individuals and corporations. Our principal, Texas tax defense lawyer Lawrence Brown, is a former DOJ Tax Division trial lawyer who has handled exactly these kinds of cases on behalf the government. His insight is an advantage to taxpayers that face devastating consequences should the government prevail.

Our prestigious clients include well-known celebrities, athletes, entertainers, and business executives. We also represent multinational corporations with recognizable brands. In addition to reaching important legal solutions, our white collar defense lawyers work together with PR experts to protect our clients’ reputations, careers, and businesses. Our strategic communication is a unique concept that recognizes that PR can be used successfully to bolster our client’s case and that an attorney’s knowledge is crucial to prevent missteps by public relations professionals.

Internal Revenue Code § 7403 Action for Seizure of Taxpayer Property

IRC § 7403 authorizes the United States to take enforcement action against taxpayers that refuse or neglect to pay taxes. The statute allows the government to use such enforcement processes as a civil lawsuit in the U.S. District Court to enforce a federal tax lien and the seizure of taxpayer’s property to pay delinquent taxes.

Our Texas tax defense lawyer demand that the IRS follow due process for placing and enforcing the lien on the property, and we stand up to agents who fail to do so. In addition, we skillfully negotiate settlements that can end enforcement efforts and permit our client to pay back a much-reduced amount of delinquent taxes under more favorable terms.

We Offer Clients Strong White Collar Crime Defense in Texas

The government may pursue criminal charges if it has evidence that the tax delinquency is a result of fraud. Individuals face huge financial losses and imprisonment. Corporations are subject to enormous penalties and fines.

We demand the prosecution show proof of fraud. If the government cannot demonstrate that our client committed fraud beyond a reasonable doubt, we demand the charges be dropped. By coming into the case early, we can often prevent the case from moving forward. Should the government have evidence, we are in a strong position to negotiate a favorable settlement at the investigative stage. In addition, we can prevent the government from obtaining damaging evidence to which it might not have a right. Our goal is to put our clients in the very best position possible, including protecting their property, financial health, reputation, brand, and freedom.

Contact a Dedicated Texas Tax Defense Lawyer

If you become the target of a tax crime investigation, contact a Texas white collar defense attorney immediately. Brown, PC delivers aggressive, high-level representation to companies and individuals that face prosecution.

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