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Brown, PC has close to three decades of experience representing multinational corporations and high-profile individuals in the biggest tax litigation claims brought by the U.S. government. Led byTexas tax controversy lawyer Lawrence Brown, our law firm has the extensive experience and resources to assist clients with highly complex tax disputes. We strive for excellence in every case and have a reputation for overcoming insurmountable hurdles to put our clients in the best position possible.

Civil Tax Litigation

By the time a tax dispute goes to trial, the taxpayer has endured financial scrutiny, intrusive investigation, and cumbersome audits for months or years. Although taxpayers commonly feel tax fatigue, this is actually the stage at which relief is finally close. However, several crucial decisions at this point can make or break the case. Brown, PC is ready to meet this challenge to reach the best possible outcome for our clients. We strategize every step in civil litigation preparation, including determining which of these forums to bring the case:

  • U.S. Tax Court
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court
  • U.S. District Court
  • U.S. Court of Federal Claims

Our firm also handles summons enforcement proceedings. We assess the summons procedures for technical regulations, constitutional issues, and underlying policies that might warrant the summons invalid and unenforceable, thereby saving taxpayers the risks of releasing incriminating information.

Let a Texas Tax Controversy Lawyer Handle Your Criminal Tax Matters

Taxpayers indicted for tax crimes face heavy punishment, such as large fines and long prison sentences. Just being charged with a crime can be career-ending for a professional and financially devastating for a company. Our tax crime defense law firm aggressively defends the rights of taxpayers. If retained at the investigative stage, we can often convince the government not to file charges. We are skilled at negotiating the most equitable settlement for our clients that reduces financial impact and avoids jail. We are also ready and prepared to demand the government prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

IRS Audits and Appeals

The prospect of an audit can be heart-stopping. An error can cost substantial sums of money in back taxes, fines, penalties, and interests. The audit may also wave red flags that trigger a criminal investigation. The first thing a taxpayer should do upon learning of the audit is to retain counsel. Our tax firm guides taxpayers through high-stakes audits of portfolios worth millions or billions of dollars.

IRS Collection Matters

The IRS uses aggressive methods to collect money owed by taxpayers. Liens, property seizure, foreclosure, summons and other devices can ruin an individual’s life or bankrupt a company. Our tax litigation firm negotiates reasonable settlements for reduced tax bills and manageable repayment periods.

Consult a Dedicated Texas Tax Controversy Attorney Today

If you have a serious tax controversy, you should retain counsel immediately. Brown, PC Texas tax controversy lawyers have the skills and resources to deliver aggressive, high-level representation to help you. Speak with one of our tax attorneys today.

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