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Texas Business Tax Matters

Employers and business owners throughout the U.S. and North America, as well as international and multinational business owners, rely on the knowledge and experience of Texas business tax attorney Lawrence Brown.

Brown, PC, is able to provide experienced representation to businesses and individuals across a great variety of tax controversies and tax litigation matters involving business tax and employment taxes such as the following:

  • Worker classification disputes related to independent contractors versus employee designations.
  • Trust Fund Recovery penalties and other types of payroll tax issues, including those related to the use of a professional employment organization (PEO)
  • Executive compensation, reimbursed expenses and fringe benefit issues
  • State and local sales tax reporting and commercial property tax disputes

When Fast Action Is Required To Resolve Structural Tax Problems

Attorney Brown, a former Department of Justice Tax Division trial attorney, relates the following example of the types of complex cases he regularly handles on behalf of clients in the business and employment arena:

Case Study: Employment Tax Controversy

A local company with roughly 70 employees and total revenue of approximately $10 million had fallen behind in paying the federal taxes withheld from employee paychecks to the IRS. At the time we were hired, the total due to the federal government was well in excess of $1 million. IRS agents were within about 72 hours of shutting down the business.

Mr. Brown contacted the IRS group manager and requested that the IRS wait one week before shutting down the business. The request was granted. Our team worked nearly around the clock for approximately five days creating financial statements and financial models while working with the company CFO on overhead reduction. We proposed an installment agreement to the IRS that allowed the tax debt to be paid over a period of approximately 30 months and kept the company in business.

An Initial Consultation Is Only One Call Away With A Texas Business Tax Attorney

Call 888-870-0025 or email us to discuss your employment-related tax concerns with litigation lawyer Mr. Brown. Centrally located in Texas, our boutique law firm serves clients from across the U.S. and around the world.

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