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When the IRS Issues Requests for Technical Advice Regarding Your Audit, You Need an Experienced Attorney

In the course of an IRS audit, agents may have encountered highly complex issues and requested technical advice from the IRS. Attempting to handle an audit with this sort of complexity by yourself, or relying on your accountant or an attorney in general practice, is unlikely to achieve optimal results. Sophisticated, complex issues related to Technical Advice Memoranda (TAMs) from the IRS can cause even experienced CPAs to stumble.

Lawrence Brown, a former Department of Justice Tax Division Trial Attorney, focuses his long-standing tax litigation law practice precisely on highly complex tax controversies such as these. Early intervention by tax lawyer Lawrence Brown may save your business many thousands, and even millions of dollars in potential tax liabilities where complex issues are involved.

IRS Advice Requests

Or perhaps technical advice has already been requested and received and now your IRS audit has taken a turn for the worse, becoming more problematic and likely to result in large penalties or even criminal charges. Your IRS tax audit and your real financial situation may be made more difficult by complications such as the following:

  • Loans to shareholders
  • Multiple-year financial transactions
  • Extraordinary losses or extenuating circumstances

Again, attempts to explain such matters to IRS agents can easily go awry. An attorney with in-depth knowledge of the system can guide you through the process to your best advantage. Your best option is to have quality legal counsel in this matter.

Call Toll Free for an Initial Consultation Regarding IRS Technical Advice Requests

Do not hesitate to contact Brown, PC. Located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, the law firm serves clients from throughout North America or the world. If you are involved in an IRS tax audit and complications are developing, call 888-870-0025 or e-mail the law firm through this Web site.

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