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Employers often try to evade dealing with withholding taxes and paying employee benefits by classifying workers as independent contractors. The IRS, on the other hand, is aggressively engaged in searching for pockets of taxes that the government is missing through current business practices. Both the employer and the worker classified as an independent contractor may pay the IRS less in many cases than if the worker were classified as an employee.

Department of Labor Questions Intersecting With IRS Issues

While the law practice of Brown, PC, focuses primarily on IRS taxation problems, including employee, employer and independent contractor taxation issues, we also touch on issues related to the Department of Labor’s regulations and questions of exempt versus nonexempt employees. The Department of Labor is also interested in uncovering cases of worker misclassification and identifying employers who neglect to pay workers overtime by classifying them as exempt employees or independent contractors when, in fact, the employer is treating them as if they were hourly employees.

For information, advice and representation in legal matters involving worker classification – employee versus independent contractor or exempt versus nonexempt – contact attorney Lawrence Brown, serving clients nationwide. Do you face IRS problems because you classified a worker as an independent contractor when he or she was actually a Texas employee? Lawyer Lawrence Brown is prepared to apply insights gained through his past experience as a trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice Tax Division.

IRS Tax Audits and Worker Classification Issues

Lawrence Brown brings more than 20 years to bear on complex cases, often drawing on input from tax experts, CPAs, auditors and former IRS agents to prepare to counter the IRS’s position.

Brown, PC, serves individuals and businesses in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, statewide in Texas, and nationwide. Contact Lawrence Brown at 888-870-0025 to arrange a confidential consultation about your impending IRS audit or appeal.