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Worker Classification

Contact a Lawyer Regarding Worker Classification Controversies

Employers and workers often become involved in controversies with the IRS surrounding worker classification:

  • Employee or contractor?

A worker who is classified as a contractor is expected to handle his own tax reporting and payments. He or she must pay the full share of Social Security taxes. A worker who is classified as an employee, on the other hand, can expect the employer to withhold taxes, pay workers’ compensation taxes, pay a share of Social Security taxes and turn over these withheld taxes to the government in a timely manner.

Employers may face IRS audits and penalties if they misclassify workers in an apparent attempt to avoid withholding taxes and providing other benefits such as health insurance, retirement benefits and paid time off (vacation). Employees, likewise, who are classified as contractors but fail to pay their full share of Social Security taxes may be subject to penalties or criminal charges.

Attorney Lawrence Brown handles complex and sophisticated tax litigation stemming from worker classification disputes, primarily between employers and the IRS. A former Trial Attorney with the Department of Justice Tax Division, he focuses his law practice on vexing tax controversies such as worker classification disputes.

Lawrence Brown currently represents the top franchisee in a prominent international franchise. The IRS is conducting an investigation into whether one of his workers should be classified as an independent contractor or an employee. The outcome of this investigation will affect the status (employee versus independent contractor) of hundreds of workers. The wrong outcome could cost him millions of dollars.

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Clients from throughout North America and the world rely on Brown, PC to handle complex tax controversies. From our office in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, we are able to immediately address your pressing taxation issues. We encourage employers to contact Brown, PC to discuss worker classification problems.

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