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Brown, P.C. was thrilled to welcome Texas tax litigation lawyer Cynthia Cook to the team in 2012. Her calm, confident, low-key demeanor inspires trust and confidence in clients who are often facing one of the most difficult problems of their lives.  

After successfully resolving a government legal issue for a family member while working as a paralegal, Ms. Cook was inspired to attend law school. From then on, she was hooked. She loves her job and excels at her work.

Commercial Litigation Experience

Ms. Cook practiced commercial litigation for more than a decade before concentrating on tax law. Because of her extensive litigation experience, she recognizes the benefit of thorough preparation to position the case for settlement. She is able to handle the most complex financial situations to navigate clients to the best possible place.

Brown, P.C. represents high-level clients in the most complex matters and largest cases pursued by the government, and Ms. Cook’s diligence is vital to our successes. In a single case, she might review literally millions of pages of documents, including complicated financial statements to understand the evidence and develop a case strategy.

For example, an owner of a well-known local business faced fraud penalties, but we were able to close the audit with de minimis taxes owed and a “no-change” report.

A Strategic Negotiator

Ms. Cook has the ability to deal with difficult opposing counsel and IRS agents, digest difficult fact scenarios and understand complex financials issues. She navigates these situations with ease to reach the best results possible for our clients.

In one contentious case, the owners of a foreign mobile telecommunications business with retail stores in Texas was assessed a tax liability in excess of $1million after receiving inaccurate verbal advice from the Texas Comptroller about the taxability of its sales. We reached a settlement that significantly reduced the liability and removed all penalties and interests and allowed the business to extend payments over five years.

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Cynthia Cook for Help with Your Tax Dispute

Get the help you need to resolve your tax dispute with the assistance of Texas tax litigation lawyer Cynthia Cook. She has a substantial financial and commercial background to handle complex fact scenarios.