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Did You Receive The Dreaded Audit Notice?

Improperly handled, an audit can be a stressful intrusion resulting in a bigger tax bill and even criminal prosecution. The IRS has stepped up efforts to audit individuals (particularly upper earning brackets) and closely held businesses. Revenue Agents have an army of tax lawyers and CPAs at their disposal if the taxpayer dares to raise a dispute.

Brown, PC, levels the playing field and maximizes the likelihood of a favorable outcome for taxpayers. Properly handled, an IRS audit may result in no additional tax, penalty or interest. Attorney Lawrence Brown represents individuals and business owners in Dallas-Ft. Worth, throughout Texas and nationwide.

The IRS Audit — The very term strikes fear, and not without good reason. If you have been targeted for an audit, speak with a qualified tax attorney before making any contact with the IRS.

Lawrence Brown has extensive experience handling the IRS audit process and can challenge a Revenue Agent’s assertions of underreported income or questionable deductions. His knowledge and skill commonly enables clients to walk away without any extra tax obligations, and often without even meeting an IRS agent. Review some of our past IRS Audit success stories.

The IRS Appeal — If the Revenue Agent determines that additional tax is owed, the taxpayer has 30 days to request the IRS Appeals Office to review the agent’s finding. Mr. Brown has a proven record, including conferences to convince the Appeals Officer to overturn the audit findings or negotiate a compromise. He also appeals adverse Appeals Office rulings to U.S. Tax Court.

Fighting Fire with Fire

Lawrence Brown gained important insights as a former trial lawyer for the Department of Justice Tax Division. He brings more than 20 years of experience to your situation. In complex cases, he assembles a team of tax experts (CPAs, auditors, former IRS agents) to formulate and execute a strategy. We are prepared to aggressively counter the IRS while working to resolve your case efficiently and favorably.

Brown, PC, serves individuals and businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, statewide in Texas, and nationwide. To arrange a confidential consultation about your impending IRS audit or appeal, call 888-870-0025 or send us a message online.

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