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Even for taxpayers who think they have done everything by the book, an audit can strike fear in their hearts. During an audit, the IRS combs through financial documents, often going back years. Taxpayers with the most diligent accounting efforts and the highest degree of integrity may nonetheless have made mistakes that can equal hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in back taxes, penalties, and interests. The experienced Texas IRS Audit Attorneys at Brown, PC guides high-profile cases through the audit process.

Our firm represents some of the best-known names in sports, entertainment, business, and finance in high-stakes audits with high-dollar consequences. Our founding partner, Lawrence Brown, has 25 years of experience in tax law representation. He started his career as a Department of Justice Tax Division trial lawyer and prosecuted complex tax cases on behalf of the government. His insider knowledge is a substantial benefit to our clients who face tax audits and appeals of improper IRS decisions.

What to Do if Faced With an Audit

An individual or company may be audited either randomly or because a tax transaction has been flagged. Often taxpayers have made every effort to file their taxes correctly, but still, an innocent error could be costly. Other times, the taxpayer is aware of inaccuracies or possible fraud. In either case, representation is crucial at the earliest stages.

Our experienced IRS audit attorneys in Texas remain an integral part of the audit from start to finish. We conduct a diligent review of our client’s records and anticipate issues that might arise. We prepare arguments to refute potential accusations that we believe the government may make against our client to minimize the damages associated with filing and calculation errors. We are also not afraid to stand up to the government and refuse access to documents to which it has no right.

Should our client be accused of fraudulent filing, hiding assets or other wrongdoing, we are ready. At this stage, we may negotiate a settlement that can prevent criminal prosecution or, if the government attorney lacks evidence, we aggressively fight the charges.

We often represent large multinational corporations in audits that involve volumes of documents. Our team is skilled at reviewing and organization of substantial data to develop a strong audit strategy.

Audit Appeal

A tax appeal is much different than an appeal of a judge’s decision in the federal courts. Instead, a neutral independent organization within the IRS hears appeals of erroneous IRS decisions. We settle many tax disputes through this appellate process, including issues related to collections due process, offer in compromise, jeopardy levies, examination, international tax matters, tax computations, innocent spouse, and penalty appeals.

Learn How a Texas IRS Audit Attorney Can Help

If you are faced with an audit, retain legal counsel as soon as possible. Brown, PC has the top Texas IRS audit attorneys available to guide you through this challenging process. Do not hesitate to contact our office today.

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