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Guiding Companies Through IRS Audits

IRS business audits can be time consuming, intrusive and can draw focus away from the productive activities of a business. Audits require owners and managers to gather voluminous amounts of paperwork, everything from tax returns to mileage logs to canceled checks. Then, IRS Revenue Agents may spend days questioning the company’s Chief Financial Officer and other key personnel. It is essential for businesses undergoing an audit to have a skilled team of tax law professionals to guide them through the process.

At Brown, PC, our Texas-based business income tax lawyers fully understand the needs of companies large and small. Led by founding attorney Lawrence Brown, a former trial lawyer with the Tax Division of the Department of Justice, our firm advises and represents businesses across the U.S. on matters related to taxation, compliance, audits, collections and much more.

Understanding What Businesses Are up Against

The nature of the audit process heavily favors the IRS. Revenue Agents are typically highly trained and highly skilled in conducting audits. They are supported by an army of tax attorneys and CPAs. For business owners and managers, an audit is typically a once- or twice-in-a-lifetime experience.

Handled poorly, audits can result in additional taxes, interest and penalties. Independent contractors could be reclassified as employees, typically resulting in significant taxes, penalties and interest. In some cases, criminal investigation and prosecution could result.

Handled well, the intrusion into your business can be limited and any additional liability can be avoided or minimized.

The Brown, PC Advantage

At our firm, we marshal the strength of not only our experienced Texas tax attorneys, but also a team of former IRS Enrolled Agents. Enrolled Agents are former IRS personnel. They bring to each case a deep knowledge of the inner workings of the IRS that few private law firms can match. Working together as a team, we have successfully helped companies, including Fortune 500 entities, emerge from the audit process with reduced tax liabilities or none at all. We will work diligently to do the same for your business.

Contact a Dallas-Fort Worth Business Tax Audit Lawyer

To discuss any aspect of an IRS audit of your company with a highly qualified business tax lawyer, call Brown, PC at 888-870-0025 or contact our law firm online.

Our main offices are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex, and we represent clients throughout the United States and the world.

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