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A Team Approach To Resolve Offshore Account Issues

Our founder, Lawrence Brown, believes that a team approach creates the highest likelihood of achieving the most favorable results possible for clients in offshore account compliance, digital currency and OVDP cases.

Since the inception of the 2009 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, offshore account compliance has been a very significant part of Brown, PC’s tax law practice. Our team of highly skilled professionals have represented clients from across the globe in cases from the fairly simple to some of the most complex. The Brown, PC, team is particularly adept at representing clients in opt-outs from the OVDP civil penalty structure, and has settled a number of cases with no or very minimal monetary penalties.

Is OVDP Right For You?

A client’s relationship with Brown, PC, typically starts with a confidential initial consultation with Lawrence Brown and Catherine Rude. Mr. Brown has very successfully represented clients in some of the largest and most complex tax cases ever pursued by the IRS or the U.S. Department of Justice. He is one of the most sought-after and experienced tax attorneys in the United States. Ms. Rude has been involved in offshore voluntary disclosure since shortly after the program first began and she works tirelessly to stay abreast of very fluid and rapidly evolving IRS policies. Her technical knowledge in the areas of offshore account compliance and foreign bank account disclosure is among the foremost in the country.

Our team understands how stressful these issues are for clients, and will take whatever time is necessary, in person, via video conference or by telephone to fully understand your unique situation. Once they understand your situation, they will carefully outline a strategy for you becoming (or remaining) compliant and relieving the stress you feel. We frequently represent high profile and ultra high net worth individuals and maintain the strictest confidentiality.

Making The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure

Should you determine that an offshore voluntary disclosure is appropriate for you; our team is usually able to begin work immediately. We will work quickly to obtain an assurance of no criminal prosecution. As the civil portion of the disclosure evolves, our tax lawyers will prepare legal arguments and CPAs will perform accounting functions in an effort to eliminate or reduce monetary penalties. Our team will work efficiently and economically to resolve your case as soon as possible.

The rules regarding offshore account compliance are complex, and the stakes are very high. Prosecuting and extracting large monetary penalties from those with noncompliant offshore accounts is a top priority for the U.S. government.

Parallels With Shifting Focus On Bitcoin And Other Virtual Currency Transactions

As the investigations into digital currency — bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and others — progress and receive more focus, we have the experience to assist clients on compliance issues. There are parallels with the offshore account prosecutions and the IRS may offer a similar voluntary disclosure program in the future. We can help whether you have concerns or are already under investigation.

Find Out More From Our Team Today

Our team is available to perform compliance audits as well as to provide advice and counsel on keeping offshore accounts and Coinbase wallets compliant on a go-forward basis. Contact Brown, PC, via secure email or at 888-870-0025 to schedule a confidential consultation.

We represent clients throughout the United States — from Boston to Dallas to Los Angeles — as well as Americans who work overseas.

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