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The marketplace and the court of public opinion do not wait for case resolution or jury verdict.  Negative publicity, rumors and speculation surrounding a tax dispute or white-collar investigation can destroy brand equity or reputation in a matter of weeks, even days, while it could take years to resolve the legal matter.  Merely issuing catch all statements like “no comment” or “we look forward to our day in court” is not a communications strategy.  In most cases, it is a failure by the lawyer to understand his obligation to take steps to defend a client’s brand or reputation against adverse consequences of the legal proceeding.

Often even very good tax and white-collar practitioners treat public relations and communications as separate from the legal matter, simply referring clients to a PR firm that operates unsupervised by the lawyer, or ignoring these issues entirely.  We have seen unsupervised PR firms execute strategies that created additional legal exposure for clients. Conversely, focusing solely on the legal strategy may fail to prevent unnecessary harm to the client’s reputation or brand.

Brown, PC believes that effective strategic communications are as important as any other litigation management function. Our firm has devised an innovative approach that marries the legal and PR strategies in a tax or white-collar criminal investigation under the umbrella of the attorney-client privilege. We strategize and implement media relations, crises management and reputation management in a manner that is consistent with the legal strategy and designed to protect our client’s brand equity or reputation.

Leveraging Effective Strategic Communications

In an environment of a round-the-clock news cycle and instantaneous social media, a person’s reputation or a company’s brand equity can be irreparably harmed within hours. The damage may be compounded as litigation drags on for months or years. Our firm takes control of the message to protect brand and reputation.

We also use the media to our client’s advantage. Public opinion and media coverage can influence how the government handles the case. We promote favorable coverage, attack fake news and minimize negative exposure to influence the outcome of the case.

Our effective strategic communications strategies have successfully protected the image of numerous high-profile individuals and well-known corporations involved in some of the most significant and newsworthy cases. However, even cases that attract minimal media attention benefit from a strategic communications strategy that preserves our client’s relationships with customers, clients, investors, lenders and employees.

How Strategic Communications Works

After identifying key stakeholders, we craft impactful messages that are aligned with our client’s legal objectives. We manage every aspect of the message’s dissemination, including what will be said, through which media outlet and when it will be delivered.

Brown, PC has developed relationships with many of the world’s top public relations and strategic communications firms. We choose our PR partners based upon the particulars of the case; we often retain a firm that has a relevant niche expertise or helpful local or regional connections. The PR firm may also act as spokesperson when it is important for our firm to remain in the background.

In addition to creating a cohesive public relations strategy, Brown, PC retaining and supervising a PR or communications firm offers another crucial benefit — the communications firm’s work is protected by attorney-client privilege.  A client who hires a PR or communications firm directly does not enjoy this important protection.

Learn More About Our Strategic Communications Services

Businesses and individuals facing tax disputes or white-collar criminal investigations can benefit from effective strategic communications.  Our Dallas tax litigation law firm has developed an innovative approach that incorporates strategic communications as part of our legal representation.  To learn more, please contact Lawrence Brown directly at tel+1-817-870-0025 or for a fully confidential consultation.


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