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High-Profile, High-Stakes

Texas Tax
Litigation Attorney

Lawrence Brown has spent the past 25 years taking on complex tax and criminal defense issues to put his clients in the best position possible.

The IRS has charged a Forbes 400 billionaire with a multi-million dollar tax deficiency. A Hall of Fame professional athlete is accused of not reporting her full income. The government has obtained a lien on the valuable property of a Grammy award-winning singer. A respected doctor is accused of Medicaid fraud.  A lawyer risks his license, career and everything he worked hard to achieve because of an FBI criminal probe.  These are the kinds of cases Texas tax litigation attorney Lawrence Brown handles.  Mr. Brown focuses on high-profile, high-stakes tax matters. His clients have worked hard and reached the tops of their professions and crafts. As a result, they have earned high incomes and acquired substantial assets, and they have a lot to lose.

Mr. Brown has spent the past 25 years handling complex tax and criminal defense issues to put his clients in the best position possible. Throughout his career he has represented clients in some of the highest profile IRS, DOJ and FBI investigations and trials working to protect his client’s finances, futures and often their very freedom.

Aggressive Advocate and Trial Attorney

Mr. Brown is an aggressive advocate right out of the gate. If brought in at the investigation stage, he can prevent the release of incriminating evidence or stop charges from being filed altogether.

For example, in a recent white-collar crime case, Mr. Brown hired experts and conducted his own analysis to counter allegations of mail fraud, money laundering and conspiracy and successfully persuaded the government to decline prosecution. Likewise, when the IRS charged a certified public accountant with tax evasion after a multi-year investigation, Mr. Brown persuaded the government to drop charges and the client was allowed to retain his CPA license. He also helped an auto industry executive avoid prosecution after a rigorous investigation uncovered major weaknesses in the government’s accounting fraud case.

Mr. Brown’s reputation as an ethical, professional and zealous lawyer is instrumental in negotiating equitable solutions to complicated tax disputes. He is often able to reach settlements and plea deals that spare our client unnecessary resources, stress and risks.

When the IRS acts unreasonably or the government insists on prosecuting our client, Mr. Brown is ready to take the case to trial. He gives each factor careful consideration, starting with which forum to bring a case or whether to demand a jury trial. From there, he engages in meticulous trial preparation. For example, in a money laundering case in which the government sought forfeiture of $140,000 of our client’s assets, Mr. Brown interviewed numerous witnesses and analyzed thousands of documents. He then conducted mock jury trials to refine and polish the case before trial. The result of his substantial preparation was acquittal and government forfeiture was denied.

Former DOJ Tax Trial Attorney

Mr. Brown was on the inside of tax prosecution in his former position as a trial attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice Tax Division. That experience gives him valuable insider knowledge about the processes, strategies and approaches of IRS and DOJ attorneys. He also knows the government attorneys and investigators who are responsible for enforcing and prosecuting tax claims. He matches the government’s investigation in expertise and thoroughness.

For example, Mr. Brown recently negotiated the return of seized assets to a busy entrepreneur, in addition to a decline to prosecute. He achieved this result by conducting his own thorough investigation and analysis of the business owner’s books and records. He then presented the evidence in a clear, persuasive manner to show that the discrepancies were caused by honest accounting errors, not intentional wrongdoing.

Strategic Communications

Texas tax law attorney  Lawrence Brown has long represented well-known businesspeople, entertainment figures, athletes and other celebrities. He has also handled cases for some of the biggest corporate names. He recognized the damaging impact these cases had on the reputations and brand of high-profile clients. He also regularly encountered situations in which the PR firm hired by his clients made comments that put their criminal or tax case in jeopardy; these professionals simply did not understand the legal repercussions of their actions.

In response, Mr. Brown launched a strategic communications division that integrates case strategy with public relations services. This first-of-its-kind initiative mitigates the consequential damage arising from a legal dispute while managing media coverage and public perception of the case and client. The strategic communications division also uses media to our client’s advantage by releasing carefully monitored information that benefits the case.

This unique approach reflects Attorney Brown’s holistic views about his cases and his clients. He takes into account not just the facts of the case and the law, but how these issues affect his clients’ lives. Mr. Brown does not believe in winning at all costs, but rather in achieving the outcome that is best for the individual client.

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Texas Tax Litigation Attorney

With so much at stake, you need a lawyer who has the experience, determination and innovation to win. Mr. Brown is a Texas tax litigation attorney who delivers aggressive, high level representation to protect your rights, your assets and your freedom.