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Legal Counsel Regarding IRS Tax Collection Methods: Liens, Levies and Seizures

It is nearly always distressing — and sometimes catastrophic — when the IRS resorts to extreme measures in tax collection methods including the following:

  • Liens on real estate and other types of personal or commercial property
  • Levies on bank accounts and other financial resources
  • Seizures of equipment or other valuables

Former clients of Brown, PC have sought counsel and assistance in the face of pending or already transpiring liens, levies and seizures.

Businesses may experience total financial collapse in the face of heavy-handed tax collection actions such as levies and seizures.

If you are a professional, a business owner or simply a high net-worth individual anticipating tax collection by force, you are advised to seek the best, most suitable legal counsel you can afford. Brown, PC is a strong advocate on behalf of people facing tax controversies and tax litigation.

Many previous clients of the law firm have found relief with the assistance of tax lawyer Lawrence Brown, a former Trial Attorney with the Department of Justice Tax Division. He is often able to bring about a favorable outcome such as the following:

  • Release of liens
  • Prevention and release of levies
  • Prevention of seizures and return of seized property

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, IRS Collection Controversy Attorney

You are welcome to contact Lawrence Brown from anywhere in North America or the world regarding IRS liens, levies and seizures that threaten or affect your business, your professional practice or your personal accumulated wealth. Call 888-870-0025 for the sophisticated legal counsel you need.

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