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When Fringe Benefit Deductions are Questioned in Tax Audits, Contact an Experienced Lawyer

An IRS tax audit may uncover — or may be triggered by — special factors such as the valuation of questionable fringe benefits that you receive as an employee, give to your own employees, or claim as a business expense. Examples of fringe benefits that the IRS has sometimes considered taxable income in the past have included:

  • Chauffeurs or use of company vehicles
  • Health club memberships
  • Life insurance policies
  • Housing provided as a benefit of employment
  • Bonuses, rewards and gifts to employees

If you have encountered challenges to fringe benefits that you received or that you gave to your employees, it is best to seek to resolve the controversy as directly as possible through the proper channels. An experienced tax litigation lawyer who has a track record of success delivering solutions to tax controversies is a valuable ally and may prevent further problems, including potential civil penalties and criminal tax investigations.

Tax litigation lawyer Lawrence Brown is a former Department of Justice Tax Division Trial Attorney who focuses his law practice on tax controversies and litigation. His extensive, in-depth experience in all venues and areas of tax problems is a definite advantage for his clients who face questions over the value of fringe benefits for tax purposes in IRS audits.

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