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When Facing High-Stakes Civil Tax Audits, Contact an Experienced Lawyer

Brown, PC represents business owners, attorneys, doctors, CPAs and numerous other professionals in criminal and civil tax cases. A substantial part of our representation involves handling the problems associated with tax audits.

When the IRS audits a tax return, a taxpayer must prove that he or she is complying with tax laws and regulations. The threat of an audit is enough to keep most people striving to meet tax obligations fully. Nonetheless, the IRS selects a certain number of businesses and individuals every year to go through the civil tax audit process. The IRS is currently doubling its efforts to improve compliance with tax laws by sending out Revenue Agents and Special Agents (criminal investigators).

Some tax liabilities, once established with the IRS, are not dischargeable in bankruptcy and essentially never go away. Additionally, a variety of tax problems often come to light in the process of an IRS civil tax audit. It is not uncommon for IRS Revenue Agents (civil auditors) to refer a taxpayer to IRS Criminal Investigation. It is advisable for any individual or business owner to seek the counsel and assistance of an experienced tax lawyer in the event of an IRS tax audit.

Lawrence Brown is a former Department of Justice Tax Division Trial Attorney whose law practice focuses on tax controversies and litigation, including complex IRS civil audits.

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