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Reimbursed Expenses

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Are Reimbursed Expenses the Issue in Your IRS Audit? Contact Attorney Lawrence Brown

Is the IRS questioning you regarding the legitimacy of reimbursed expenses? Are auditors alleging that your deducted expenses did not meet the criteria of “ordinary and necessary” expenses (defined as expenses that are appropriate and helpful to your trade or business) that the IRS expects in the case of deducted reimbursed expenses?

Gray areas in acceptance of reimbursed expenses may come to light surrounding such items as expenses appearing to benefit a spouse, expensive dinners and entertainment and apparently unnecessary travel costs. Have you been accused of erroneously labeling family vacations as work travel?

The IRS may be delving into the details of your business and employment tax matters in the context of an audit including a variety of issues and questions such as the following:

The IRS may be pursuing a civil audit or a criminal investigation. Whatever the situation, your need for the best legal counsel you can afford may be great when thousands or millions of dollars — and perhaps the viability of your business enterprise — are at stake. Discuss your tax controversy with a professional tax litigator at your earliest opportunity to maximize the likelihood of a favorable resolution.

Attorney Lawrence Brown is available to consult with you regarding your IRS audit or criminal tax matter. He is a former Department of Justice Tax Division Trial Attorney with 18 years of experience representing taxpayers in private practice. While the law firm is based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, clients across North America and throughout the world have come to rely on the knowledge and capabilities of Brown, PC.

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Lawrence Brown welcomes inquiries from clients anywhere in North America or worldwide. Contact Brown, PC by calling 888-870-0025 or by e-mail through this Web site to schedule a consultation with an accomplished Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas lawyer — serving clients near and far.

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