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Tax Controversies and Tax Planning:

I am a retired IRS Special Agent (Criminal Investigation Division), now working as a financial investigator in the private sector. When I was with the government, I worked against Mr. Brown on a number of high profile tax and white collar criminal cases. After retiring from IRS, I have worked with Mr. Brown on a number of similar cases. Also, I have referred some of my current firm’s clients to Mr. Brown for legal counsel and representation in a variety of complex tax and white collar criminal matters.

Mr. Brown has enormous experience and top level skills in the areas of tax law and white collar criminal defense. He is extremely thorough, and works tirelessly on behalf of his clients. His efforts have resulted in acquittals and cases dismissed for a number of the clients my firm has referred to him. Mr. Brown is very highly regarded by trial attorneys and key decision makers at the Internal Revenue Service, the United States Department of Justice Tax Division and United States Attorneys Offices throughout the country.

Most importantly to me, however, Mr. Brown has the highest integrity, and treats clients and others with the utmost fairness.

– Financial Investigator and Retired IRS Agent

Mr. Brown is absolutely expert in his areas of practice. Watching him advise on highly technical tax matters for example, I often noted that not only does he know the law, his years of experience (with the Department of Justice Tax Division and in private practice) have given him great insight into how the IRS and federal courts will interpret the law, and the effect that such interpretation could have on a transaction or strategy. He cares deeply for his clients, is extremely conscientious and has unparalleled attention to detail. His ethics, professional and otherwise, are the very best.

– Former Law Partner

Trusts, Estates & Asset Protection:

I have worked with a number of attorneys, particularly tax attorneys, over the years, and I recommend Lawrence Brown in the highest possible terms for any complex tax or estate planning matter.

Mr. Brown is well versed in of the technical aspects of tax, trust and estate law and has years of experience representing clients in IRS audits and tax litigation. This combined experience has made him a master strategist in the planning arena, and makes him able to accurately advise clients as to the risk of audit or other IRS scrutiny that goes along with some of the more aggressive planning strategies that have become popular.

Mr. Brown always listened carefully to my needs and concerns and always explained very technical matters to me in terms that I could easily understand.

– Former Client

Prior to having our estate planning work completed by Mr. Brown, I was always very uneasy over what might happen to me financially if my husband died prematurely.

Mr. Brown is a great listener. At our first meeting, he took pages of notes as my husband and I shared information about our current situation and our planning goals. Next, he put together a plan that makes sure that I will be taken care of in the event of my husband’s death.

I have peace of mind with the plan that is in place and with knowing that Mr. Brown will continually monitor our plan. Working with Mr. Brown has been a great blessing to my husband and me.

– Client

Business Consulting & Commercial Litigation:

I guess I can be described as a serial entrepreneur, and interactive marketing pioneer. I have founded and owned traditional bricks and mortar companies, and since 1996 have founded, owned and managed a number of interactive marketing firms. Since 1997, Mr. Brown has provided consulting services, advice and legal counsel to me and a number of the businesses that I have been involved with.

Mr. Brown is passionate about using his skill set to help the owners and managers of emerging businesses accomplish their objectives. He is capable, trustworthy and creative. I have wholeheartedly recommended Mr. Brown to my peers in the business community, and know that he has provided a number of practical and impactful business/legal solutions to clients in many different verticals.

– Current Client

Mr. Brown’s experience and skill, both in both law and business, have helped me grow and protect my technology business. He is very competent and professional. He always provides solid, unbiased advice and places the interests of me and my business first.

– Technology Company CEO/Current Client

Corporate Compliance & White Collar Criminal Defense:

I am a single father and the owner of two businesses. Thanks to a couple of bad decisions, I was charged in a Federal indictment with tax and other business related criminal offenses. I hired Lawrence Brown to lead my defense team, and I placed my life and my young daughter’s life in his hands.

The first thing I noticed about him was how hard he worked for me. He sat side by side me, day after day, and reviewed every single page of the stacks of documents that the government planned to use at trial. He and his team also spent months analyzing my business records and interviewing witnesses.

The second thing I noticed about Mr. Brown was how professional he was. On the few occasions that he wasn’t available to take my telephone calls, he always returned my calls the same day. There were never any surprises for me. He kept me informed, and let me know what to expect every step of the way.

In the end, thanks to Mr. Brown’s experience, skill and hard work, my case was taken care of without me having to spend a single day in jail or prison. Mr. Brown is the reason that I am home running my businesses and raising my daughter, and not in Federal prison.

– Former Client