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Our Washington D.C. law office is located just blocks away from the Department of Justice Tax Division, the Department of the Treasury and Capitol Hill. We are literally located in the center of American tax law.

Our location benefits our clients highly, as their attorneys — the attorneys at Brown, PC — work near where tax law and policy is formed in America. We maintain a network of contacts who are instrumental in the development of our country’s tax law, and we consult with them on a regular basis, keeping up to date on the very latest in legal policy changes.

These connections benefit our clients, as they have lawyers with an in-depth understanding of not just the laws but the policies behind them. The law is constantly evolving, and our knowledge is evolving too.

Justice Department Tax Division Experience

As a former Department of Justice Tax Division lawyer, attorney Lawrence Brown has the knowledge, experience and skill to achieve favorable outcomes for clients facing involvement in tax controversies. His knowledge helps us build a truly nationwide practice. This is critical as sometimes local issues become federal ones.

Our firm is committed to resolving clients’ tax-related legal problems in an efficient, economical and favorable manner. While we are equipped to resolve matters in court, we often resolve them prior to entering the courtroom. Vigorous preparation and experience are the keys to protecting our clients’ interests. Mr. Brown has represented clients in thousands of cases. He has tried more than 500 cases to verdict, including over 100 cases before juries.

Contact Our Mid-Atlantic Region Office

Contact our Washington D.C. law office today, from wherever you are, around the globe. With an office location in the heart of Washington, we are well-prepared to handle whatever tax matters you face. Call toll free at 888-870-0025. We promptly respond to all e-mails and can travel to you for an initial consultation with a Washington D.C. tax attorney.

In addition to our Washington D.C. law office, we also have offices in Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.