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Aggressive Defense Attorneys in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Through seizure, law enforcement merely takes possession of private property, but forfeiture actually transfers ownership from a private individual or company to a government agency. In the federal system, efforts to forfeit can be made in the criminal and civil context. When the United States Government files a criminal charge it usually has the option of adding a notice of forfeiture to it. This means that on top of a threat to the accused’s liberty, he or she also faces the possibility of losing assets. To make matters worse, most criminal defense attorneys are unfamiliar with the highly complex laws and procedural rules governing asset forfeitures.


Criminal forfeiture representation not only requires a thorough understanding of criminal law but also a strong command of the very complex asset forfeiture laws. To effectively protect the assets of an individual or company, the forfeiture attorney needs to initiate and direct a financial investigation and be prepared to present evidence to judges and juries. Further, this attorney must fully understand the criminal defense that is being employed to ensure consistency and maximize the protection of client interests. Many times, the same attorney prepares both the criminal defense and the forfeiture defense. However, some clients elect to have one firm handle the criminal defense representation while another firm focuses on the forfeiture representation. This combination can provide the maximum protection of an individual’s freedom and the individual’s or company’s assets.

The Asset Forfeiture Group at Brown, PC in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, has the capability to pursue either of these options. Our law firm employs former federal and state prosecutors, investigators, former IRS agents and CPAs that are able to provide a world class criminal defense. We also employ forfeiture attorneys that are ready, willing, and able to provide support to attorneys focusing on a criminal defense representation.

Experienced Asset Forfeiture Defense Attorneys

The attorneys in the Asset Forfeiture Group at Brown, PC combine many years of criminal trial experience, with deep experience and expertise in civil and criminal forfeiture matters. Our skilled asset forfeiture team includes former federal and state prosecutors, CPAs, former IRS agents and former U.S. Department of Justice asset forfeiture attorneys. When people face serious threats to their freedom and assets, the Asset Forfeiture Group at Brown, PC quickly takes steps to assert necessary claims and defenses and seeks the quickest return of property possible. We are available to handle criminal and asset forfeiture matters for our clients, or we can add deep and sophisticated asset forfeiture experience to a client’s existing criminal defense team.

Contact the Asset Forfeiture Group at Brown, PC immediately at 888-870-0025 if your property has been seized by the U.S. Government or a State law enforcement agency. We represent clients in Texas and across the United States.