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Does the IRS Say that You Were Aiding and Abetting a Tax Crime?

At the law firm of Brown, PC, our clients come to us from throughout the world. Our clientele includes highly educated, extremely wealthy and quite sophisticated individuals as well as businesses. Many clients are referred to our firm by their trusted advisors (CPAs, investment advisors and lawyers, for example). Sometimes these very individuals are themselves implicated in criminal investigations or charges related to financial activities of business people.

Are you a bookkeeper who may be accused of aiding and abetting in tax crimes for an accounting client who is under investigation for crimes such as the following?

Anyone who is found guilty of carrying out, committing or aiding any tax crime has a great deal to lose. A CPA who is asked to keep two sets of books for a business owner or professional — one legitimate and the other intended for tax reporting purposes — is at risk. Being accused, investigated, charged or convicted can be devastating to anyone’s financial management career.

Straighten the matter out before it reaches the point of criminal charges if possible. Or if you have already reached that point, meet the challenge head-on with a former Department of Justice Tax Division Trial Attorney on your side. Brown, PC handles tax controversies and tax litigation of all types on behalf of individuals, businesses and professional advisors — including accountants charged with aiding and abetting tax fraud.

For additional in-depth information on Aiding and Abetting, please visit our Criminal Tax Corner – Aiding and Abetting in Violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 2

Contact Lawrence Brown to find the legal counsel you need to protect your reputation, your career and your liberty if you are under investigation for aiding in tax crimes. Centrally located in Dallas-Fort Worth, the Texas law firm serves clients throughout North America and worldwide.