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Fraud and False Statement

Attorney Defending Taxpayers Accused of Fraud and False Statements

Are IRS investigators insinuating or accusing you of committing tax evasion or fraud through falsified records? Did your response to their questioning result in allegations that you had given false statements to a government agency? Did you sign a tax return or other IRS document, containing false information, under penalties of perjury?

Many clients of Brown, PC have found themselves in precisely such predicaments in connection with tax returns that they prepared as financial advisors, CPAs and fund managers. High worth individuals and their tax consultants frequently find themselves embroiled in tax controversies and litigation arising from allegations of tax fraud or other criminal charges such as the following:

Attorney Lawrence Brown is a former Department of Justice Tax Division Trial Attorney with a nationwide law practice dedicated to defending taxpayers and tax professionals accused of crimes such as these. Clients of the law firm are located throughout the United States and abroad, and require experienced, trustworthy legal counsel and representation in the United States in connection with allegedly falsified records and reported income.

For additional in-depth information on Fraud and False Statement, please visit our Criminal Tax Corner – False or Fraudulent Returns in Violation of Section 7206(1)

Are You Accused of Willingly and Knowingly Committing Tax Perjury?

Contact tax lawyer Lawrence Brown regarding any U.S. tax criminal matter. Centrally located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, the law firm serves clients throughout North America and around the world. Call 888-870-0025 to schedule a consultation.

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