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False Statements

False Statements Leading to Criminal Charges in Tax Matters

You, your business or in particular, your financial management enterprise, may be under criminal investigation for making false statements in connection with tax returns or tax collection. In fact, you may have already been charged with making false statements. In either circumstance, your legal position is precarious. You need top-notch counsel and representation.

Do you face any of the following charges?

  • Making false statements on your tax return, perhaps based on fake records.
  • Making false, fictitious or fraudulent claims on your individual or business tax return.
  • Lying to auditors.
  • Lying to investigators.
  • Omitting truthful information under questioning.

In the eyes of the criminal justice system, often a lie matters more than the actual offense that the lie seeks to cover up. Whatever your original problems and whatever false statement you allegedly made, your most promising path to a favorable outcome is to seek the advice and assistance of an experienced attorney before the case proceeds further.

Attorney Lawrence Brown of Brown, PC focuses his private tax litigation practice precisely on finding resolutions to tax controversies, including defending against criminal allegations. A former Department of Justice Tax Division Trial Attorney, he is prepared to mount a vigorous defense on your behalf. Schedule a consultation with a tax criminal defense lawyer who is ready to take the stand on your behalf.

For additional in-depth information on False Statements, please visit our Criminal Tax Corner – False Statements in Violation of Title 18 U.S.C. Section 1001

An Initial Consultation is the First Step to a Successful Defense

Contact Lawrence Brown at Brown, PC in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas metroplex. Clients of Brown, PC are located throughout North America and the world. Call 888-870-0025 to schedule a preliminary case analysis.

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