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Attempts to Evade or Defeat Tax

Law Firm Representing Taxpayers Accused of Tax Evasion

Tax avoidance can be perfectly legal under certain circumstances. For example, individuals can contribute thousands of dollars a year to IRAs, and the principal contributed as well as any investment gains over time will not be taxed until funds are withdrawn from the IRA.

Tax evasion, on the other hand, is a criminal offense committed by taxpayers seeking to avoid income tax by using a variety of illegal means such as not reporting income. From small business owners accused of neglecting to report a complete day’s cash proceeds to multimillionaires accused of hiding assets offshore, taxpayers charged with attempting to evade or defeat tax collection through illicit methods are at great risk.

If you are under investigation, have been visited or interviewed by IRS Special Agents, or have been charged with attempting to evade or defeat tax, it is critical to consult with an experienced lawyer.

Lawrence Brown, a former Department of Justice Tax Division Trial Attorney, devotes the fruit of his knowledge and experience to representing taxpayers in criminal tax matters. Our firm is able to represent clients in all types of complex litigation. Below is an example of the type of work we do:

Brown, PC represented a client in the largest employment tax fraud case that the IRS Criminal Investigation Division has ever investigated. The alleged tax loss in the case totals nearly $300 million over a four year period. Our client was a CPA and CFO of a portfolio company owned by a private equity firm.

We defend individuals in District Courts throughout the country in criminal tax matters. In many cases, the IRS became aware of the alleged tax evasion efforts in the course of civil audits or through a report by a disgruntled employee, investment partner, former spouse or other party with inside knowledge.

For additional in-depth information on Attempts to Evade or Defeat Tax, please visit our Criminal Tax Corner – Attempting to Evade or Defeat a Tax in Violation of Section 7201

Ready to Consult With You on Criminal Tax Matters Including Tax Evasion Charges

Contact Lawrence Brown to schedule a consultation regarding criminal charges alleging attempts to evade or defeat tax. Our centrally located main office in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas serves clients both nationwide and worldwide. Call 888-870-0025 to discuss your legal matter involving criminal charges of tax evasion.

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