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3 mistakes to avoid if you are accused of embezzlement

September 23, 2022


Being under suspicion of embezzlement can be a highly stressful and disorienting experience. You can be scared and unsure of what you should do to protect yourself and your future. Under these circumstances, it can be vital to avoid a few missteps that could make your situation even worse.

Mistake #1: Waiting

Too often, people who are scared or ashamed of these accusations wait too long to get help and legal guidance. They hope the allegations go away if they wait long enough or think talking to an attorney will make them seem guilty.

However, the fact is that waiting can be a grave mistake because it leaves time for things to get worse.

Talking to a legal representative as soon as possible can help quash investigations, protect your rights and avoid grand jury proceedings. 

Mistake #2: Continuing suspicious behavior

Attempting to cover up or falsify information in the wake of fraud accusations only adds to the legal troubles you could be facing. You and your actions can be under the microscope of state and possibly federal agencies. 

Any charges prosecutors ultimately decide to file will depend on factors like the amount of money involved, the duration of alleged misconduct and any other legal violations associated with the initial offense. Thus, stopping or refraining from any suspicious activity is crucial.

Mistake #3: Confusing an accusation with a conviction

If someone at work accuses you of a financial crime or mismanagement, you could lose your job, and it could damage your professional and personal reputations. 

But do not assume this means you are guilty.

A lot can happen between an accusation and the outcome of it, including dismissal or reduction of charges. Further, while it may not feel like it, you are innocent until proven guilty. You have the right to defend yourself and your future. 

As such, it can be crucial to refrain from admitting to any misconduct, signing any agreements or making any statements to the police. Whether you did something wrong or not, know that an accusation has a very different impact on your life than a conviction.

There is indeed a lot on the line if you are facing embezzlement charges. However, avoiding these mistakes can help you protect yourself.