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Category: IRS Tax Collection

When the IRS screws up

Think about it: 155 million individual tax returns each year are processed by the Internal Revenue Service. That’s a lot of potential for error. When you take into account all of the people who contribute information to a tax return, that’s an incredible amount of opportunity for mistakes. Where mistakes […]


The consequences of past-due returns

Despite the best intentions, some people are simply not ready to file their taxes when the deadline arrives. Whether a taxpayer is unprepared, willingly puts off filing, or is too stressed out by the situation to do anything at all, here are some of the consequences of not filing taxes […]

IRS Tax Collection

Navigating cryptocurrency tax issues

A few years ago when cryptocurrency was in its infancy, tax reporting requirements were murky at best, and many who profited off of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies did so without ever receiving a tax bill. The landscape has changed dramatically in 2021. If you have bought, sold, or […]

IRS Tax Collection