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What caused the end of the Gilded Age?

Many people are watching Julian Fellowes’ new series “The Gilded Age” on HBO. The show follows three prominent (think the social circles that included Rockefeller, Astor, and Vanderbilt) families through events of the 1880s in New York. The show is categorized as an “American historical drama” that takes place during […]


Are all CPAs tax experts?

While certified public accountants (CPA) are people who have passed rigorous testing and are typically pretty keen with numbers, not all CPAs are tax specialists. What do CPAs do all day? A vast percentage of CPAs work as auditors. This means the motherlode of their work involves reviewing the financials […]

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5 things the IRS cannot seize

We’ve all heard the horror stories and seen the drama of an IRS-type seizure play out (think Schitt’s Creek). But in reality, there are specific assets that the IRS cannot take. You may be wondering which of those assets are yours to keep. The 5 untouchable items The IRS cannot […]

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What exactly is intent?

Intention, more times than not, is a “catch-all” criminal charge. Why? Because you do not have to prove someone actually DID something, only that they were going to do something, or acted with intention. So, the intent is not the actual doing of something, it is the mental preparation to […]