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Category: Offshore Accounts/International Tax Disputes

Do I Need to File an FBAR for FY 2023 (and What Happens If I Don’t)?

Taxpayers that own (or control) offshore bank accounts and other foreign financial assets have a duty to report these assets to the federal government annually. While there are minimum thresholds for taxpayers’ reporting obligations, these thresholds are fairly low—so most high-income and high-net-worth taxpayers will need to comply. Typically, this […]


What Are the Concerns for Taxpayers Considering a Streamlined Filing?

The Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) streamlined filing compliance procedures provide a way for U.S. taxpayers to mitigate the consequences of failing to disclose their foreign financial assets. Taxpayers who qualify to submit a streamlined filing are not subject to failure-to-file, failure-to-pay or accuracy-related penalties and instead pay a five-percent “miscellaneous […]


Correcting Offshore Account Disclosure Violations—Should You Submit a Streamlined Filing or Voluntary Disclosure in 2023?

U.S. taxpayers who own offshore accounts and certain other foreign financial assets have an obligation to disclose these assets to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)—provided that their value exceeds the IRS’ relatively modest reporting thresholds. Depending on the nature of a taxpayer’s foreign financial assets, this may entail two separate […]

International tax issues

Are offshore accounts illegal?

Anyone with significant financial holdings knows that they are not illegal. So, why the bad rap? It is because these very legal, above-board accounts have been misused or used to hide money. Offshore banks have been connected to money laundering, tax evasion, and straw men and shell companies. Famous and […]


Avoid international tax mistakes

Tax obligations are complex enough for people conducting business domestically. When a business reaches an overseas market, the complications only increase. If you are doing business outside of the U.S., you can spare yourself significant trouble by avoiding a few common mistakes. Not meeting reporting requirements Your tax reporting requirements expand […]

Offshore Accounts/International Tax Disputes

What is a quiet disclosure?

Disclosing offshore accounts to the IRS is increasingly necessary for individuals and companies. As the IRS becomes more aggressive in pursuing owed taxes, disclosures of foreign accounts and ensuring proper payment are a necessity. However, many choose to address this issue that doesn’t make waves. These “quiet disclosures” work by […]

Offshore Accounts/International Tax Disputes