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Category: Tax deductions

Taking advantage of legal tax shelters

The term “tax shelter” often gets a bad rap. In media coverage, tax shelters are often discussed as fraudulent mechanisms for businesses to illegally avoid paying all of the taxes they owe. However, it’s worth noting that there are legal ways to use tax shelters as well – often with […]

Tax deductions

Top three triggers for an IRS audit

There are many potential red flags on your tax return. Most of us know that the Earned Income Tax Credit is something that can provoke an audit. We’ve also talked about lifestyle triggers; buying or writing off luxury items such as sports cars and first-class international airfare when your income […]


Can I write off my first-class plane ticket?

Anyone who’s ever flown first class to Europe knows that it makes a difference. When you are gastronomically pampered with a five-course French meal, including a cheese selection and a buttery croissant, that is also expertly paired with a 68-degree Bordeaux or bubbly Comtes Grand Cru AND you get to […]


How Covid-19 has created new tax reduction opportunities

The pandemic has changed the way we think about working, socializing, our health, education, child care, and now taxes. The pandemic has forced many businesses and their employees to eschew meeting together to work. This has meant a shift to work from home, increased “side gigs,” more virtual meetings, and […]